Mary Ann Palermo & First Take Band at Mission, September 8, 7:00 p.m.-10 p.m. and Sheffield Fair, Saturday, September 10, 12 noon-1:00 p.m.

Two performances this week for Mary Ann Palermo & First Take Band!


Mary Ann Palermo & First Take Band will be back at Mission, playing Jazz, R&B, Funk, Blues, Rock, and Pop!

Mission, located at 438 North Street, Pittsfield, offers a small plates dining experience featuring artisanal and seasonal ingredients, celebrating the bounty of the Berkshires, and on Mondays and Thursdays, there is always live music up front, “In the Window!”

“The band loves playing at Mission,” says Mary Ann. “Always a lively and appreciative crowd and they always makes us welcome. Plus, let me tell you, Mission has a great kitchen and a terrific bar.”

For more information about Mission, click here.

Mary Ann Palermo & First Take Band is bringing their mix of genres down country at the Sheffield Fair, which takes place on Saturday, September 10, with the band taking the stage at noon through 1:00 p.m., kicking off the Sheffield Fair’s music entertainment program that runs until 4:00 p.m.

Sheffield Fair, an annual affair, is held on Sheffield Town Park, located at 21 Depot Square.

Coming up:

The Lion’s Den, Stockbridge, Wednesday, September28, 5:30 p.m.- 8:30 p.m.

Gateways Inn, Lenox, Thursday, September 29, 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. ALL JAZZ!