Peter Peirce

Little is known about the origins of drummer Peter Peirce. His main influences appear to be television advertisements, draznilkas, and noise.
That’s more or less the bio I’ve used about my drum playing. The truth is, I have loved making music with every band I’ve been in, and have been most deeply influenced by those musicians who have invited me to play, whose company I enjoy, and together with whom I can create something enjoyable for the community. My brief shoulder-rubbing with “famous” musicians has not affected me nearly as much as the people I play with on a regular basis. My musical education was at the school of I-Listen-to-a-Lot of-Records. I love Coltrane, Dolphy, Nusrat, Fela, and more, but my main influences are Charlie Keil, Steve Dietemann, Jon Grusauskas, Nadine Foster, Mary Ann Palermo, and other musicians in the local community. I would not be playing if not for them—how much greater an influence could there be?
I didn’t play a single note of music for two decades while living in NYC. Although I officially moved my photography business to CT in 1997, it wasn’t until I finally left my postage-stamp sized apartment in Manhattan and moved full-time to the NW Corner (CT) in 2004 that I had room to set up the drums and start playing again. The rest is just a result of my good luck.
As a photographer, I have traveled from Kuwait, to Siberia, to the furthest reaches of the F train in Brooklyn. I am a member of the Caterpillar Club, graduated from the Silva Mind Control Institute in 1974, and can hold my breath for three minutes. Rim shot, please.