Mary Ann Palermo

Singing and performing brings me joy. There’s an element of escape and liberation, too, but also a connecting with the audience, of sharing the joy.

When I was a little girl, my father sang in little clubs, a lot of Italians, and I’d sit on a stool and watch him sing, mesmerized. Looking back I see that singing was in his heart, all the Jazz standards, he was a crooner–he told me once that when he was a very young man, he’d been the choice for the Tommy Dorsey Band in its early days, but my father was married young and had responsibilities, and he always suggested that Frank Sinatra was the second choice for Dorsey.

I mean, come on, I have to sing.

There’s the typical story of open-mic nights that goes back more decades than I’d rather not admit to, but the first real gig was at The Lion’s Den, solo.

Band work began with country music and various configurations, including duos and quartets and quintets, but I’ve always loved Jazz and I quickly moved in that direction, but blues, R&B, and even funk can be a lot of fun.

The evolution of Mary Ann Palermo & First Take continues, and today’s iteration is the most exciting yet, a six-piece—and sometimes more—band that focuses on Jazz, but also other genres, and which provides me with the opportunity to bring my own work to the public.

I’ve published one CD, No Regrets, and there is a second one in the works.